Better Living With Cataract Surgery

Eye Center of Hawaii is pleased to offer the latest advancements in cataract surgery, including Blade-Free Laser Cataract Surgery and Lifestyle Lenses that can eliminate your cataracts and improve your vision at the distances most important to you.

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Recognize the Signs & Symptoms of Cataracts

Cataracts typically develop slowly and painlessly over time – in fact in the early stages, symptoms may be so mild that you may not even realize that your vision is changing. However, as the cataract becomes more dense, you will eventually experience one or more of the following symptoms:

orange cloud icon representing blurry vision
You Have Blurry Or Cloudy Vision
orange glasses icon representing glasses prescription changes
Glasses Prescription Changes Often
orange broken line circle icon representing dull colors
Colors Appear Dull Or Washed Out
orange light and dark sun icon representing low light
Difficulty Reading In Low Light
orange half moon icon representing poor night vision
Poor Night Vision, Halos Or Glare
orange sun icon representing light sensitivity
Sensitivity To Light

Real Patients. Real Stories.

“Before my treatment I couldn’t drive. When I would go shopping I would drive very slowly there and back. I almost got into an accident.”


“The staff is very cordial and on time. It was a wonderful, wonderful process. I went from almost losing my vision to seeing 20/20 now.”


“The staff is so friendly, concerned and compassionate. It is so relaxing and very encouraging for me to come here.”


“Dr. Bennett has been very professional and he has kept constant contact with me. It’s comforting to know that he always has the most advanced technology and treatment options available.”


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Leading the way in Laser Cataract Correction

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The Lensar Laser has built-in imaging that provides a 3-D model of your eye, enabling a customized treatment for you.

Safety orange shield with checkmark icon representing safety

The laser’s advanced imaging helps your surgeon soften and remove your cataract safely.

lensar laser cataract correction machine

orange crosshair icon representing precision Precision

The advanced laser cataract procedure uses the most precise technology available for removing your cataract, and treating your astigmatism if needed.

orange eye icon representing results Results

The Lensar Laser provides comprehensive planning and guidance to ensure your best possible visual outcome.

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Experience You Can Trust

If you are experiencing changes in your vision, there’s no reason to worry, and no reason to wait. Eye Center of Hawaii is home to the top 1% of surgeons in the U.S. and thanks to experienced surgeons, Drs. Bennett and Safi, and new advancements in cataract surgery, regaining your vision has become easier and safer than ever.

Most Insurance & Medicare is Accepted

Traditional cataract surgery with a standard lens is usually covered by Medicare and insurance when it's medically necessary (co-insurance & deductibles may apply). Many patients are excited that they now have more options than ever before to enjoy freedom from glasses and contacts with Laser Cataract Surgery and Multifocal Lifestyle Lenses. While insurance typically does not cover these options, over time the cost of this advanced technology may prove to be the most affordable choice when comparing the cost of buying glasses or contacts for the rest of your life.

If left untreated, cataracts will eventually begin to interfere with normal, everyday activities. The time to have cataract surgery is when your quality of life has been impacted by poor vision. With today’s safer, more precise technology, there’s never been a better time to have cataract surgery.

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Bennett Eye Institute has been transformed into Eye Center of Hawai’i.

In 1998, Dr. Michael Bennett laid the foundation for our journey, leading us to become the largest retinal practice in Hawai’i and one of the nation’s leaders in research. However, as the landscape evolved, we recognized the need to differentiate ourselves, leading to our transition to Bennett Eye Institute. Now, as Eye Center of Hawai’i, we come full circle, reflecting our dedication to delivering exceptional care with expanded services.